Thursday, January 07, 2010


The other day I was reading a book that talked about inspiration (in this case, artistic inspiration). It took a look at the word "inspire", which means "to breath into or upon; to infuse with life by breathing."

Many times we hear about God "inspiring" people to do something. We may even feel inspired to act a certain way or do a certain act. Do we think of it as God actually breathing his presence into you? God giving you life and the will to do whatever it is you feel inspired to do?

I don't know, if we start locking at inspiration in that sense, how much would we give to that inspiration? How hard would we work to make what God has breathed into us a reality?

So next time you feel "inspired" to do something, take a moment. If it is from God, if it is His breath, we need to give it everything that a breath of God deserves.


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