Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Holiday Loans

I went into a bank the other day (not just the drive-thru, I know, they still have people working there!) and saw a sign for a holiday loan. For a special short term loan you can get just for the holidays.

Okay, I think we have officially missed the point of Christmas if we are taking out loans to buy presents and ham. At the end of last year the US had a national credit card debt of $972.37 billion (Nilson Report March 2009). How much of that do you think were Christmas overspending?

So as we struggle to pay off Christmas as we do every January (I used to work in a mall, January was a dead month!) how about we evaluate what's really important for next Christmas. To be honest, there are very few presents I can remember getting as a child, I only remember opening them with family. What about you...?


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