Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Good Fortune

In our student ministry, we have "fortunes" that go with all the sodas. Really, they are proverbs from the Message, so they sound like fortune cookies, and when printed with red ink they look like them too.

So here was the one I got the other night: "The perceptive find wisdom in their own front yard; fools look for it everywhere but right here."

It seemed kind of like a good one. So often we think that God is so far away or that understanding Him is so hard. Sometimes we even think that to learn anything of importance you have to go far away, but there is so much of God right here and now, in our own lives, in every breath. We just don't acknowledge it.

So here's the challenge, look for God today, look for his wisdom, in your own front yard. Where can you find something to learn from today?


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