Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Retreat

Sorry it's been a few days, we were gone on the weekend at the winter retreat and I'm still playing catch-up a little.

But I will say this, it was a great retreat. We talked about spiritual matters, relaxed, played football (we won thanks to Kari), made huge fireballs, praised and worshipped until the floor moved.

One thing I kept thinking about though is something we discussed Sunday night. Passion is infectious. For anything. Here in Indy peopel are a little more hyped because of the Colts, because the passion of those around us is infectious. For our worship time at the retreat, someone had mentioned to me "Why are we bringing all this sound equipment? Why not just go acoustic since there's less people?" And strangly enough, they were jumping around when everyone else was and singing just as loud (if not louder)...

We can make church an exciting experience each and every Sunday (or Wednesday, or whenever). We just have to bring the passion, not wait for it to be brought...


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