Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can You See Faith?

I was reading this story the other day. Paul was preaching the Good News when he saw this man:

Acts 14:8-9 ~ In Lystra there sat a man who had been born crippled; he had never walked. As this man was listening to Paul speak, Paul looked straight at him and saw that he believed God could heal him. (NCV)

I wonder what that must have been like. Did Paul "see" this because the Holy Spirit let him? Or was this guy so fascinated and the look on his face was so convincing Paul knew the man had the faith to be healed?

Either way, it looks like part of healing doesn't hang on the person saying "you're healed" believing as much as it seems to be on the person who is being healed. Maybe that's the real reason we don't see miracles like we used to. It's not God, it's not even the church, it's the people the church is speaking too. Just a thought...


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