Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why We Do It

I'm sure you've noticed in my blogs lately there have been a lot about change and why we need to change, how people are against change but don't know it...

What made me think about this the other day was cheese (yes, cheese). I was reading about cheese, the most awesome food in the universe (you can make anything better by adding cheese) and how it's popular all over the world... except China.

That's right, the only nation on earth that does not embrace cheese seems to be China. But what's really interesting is the reason. The people who attacked China, like the Mongols, they like cheese, so for many years eating cheese was associated with being friends with the enemy.

But that was hundreds of years ago! And now, Chinese cuisine still does not include a lot of cheese. Because of other people who ate it hundreds of years ago.

How many things are there in your life you stay clear from because of someone else years ago (and you've just never really thought about it...)


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