Tuesday, July 20, 2010

West Virginia: Day 3

Well, day three has ended. People have been finishing work projects, the crew working on kids club also went to a nursing home, and we also witnessed the awesomeness of a bluegrass concert and dancing. I wish we could post pictures and videos, but that would take too long (sorry, we will have some up next week). But as to stories, here are a few from our students:

Daniel Ogle-
Today I started it off with a little hesitation because we were going to a nursing home and I'm not that much of a conversation starter. I ended up talking to a lady named Gertrude most of the time and I am looking forward to go back Thursday to visit some more with her. Then I headed off to kids club and ran into wolverine a few times (a kid named AJ who is basically wolverine). I have had the most time bonding with the kids playing sports with them in the parking lot and I can tell its going to be hard to leave. Thanks for praying for us.

Ellen Randall-
You know its going to be a good day when it starts with waffles! My worksite is in Delbarton, a small mining town about twenty minutes away. In Delbarton, my group is painting a house for a very lively couple named Pam and Marvin (but he prefers us to call him Bo). Bo picked a very bright blue for his house… and even that color lights up my day. It’s really great to be working for Pam and Bo, because they are both talkative and friendly. Pam is deaf & her ability to lip-read AMAZES me! She is so patient and wonderful with all of us & we are all so blessed to be working with her! Bo also loves to talk to us and has some pretty amazing stories! The couple also has a love for dogs, which is something that I’m lucky to share with them. The painting, by the way, is going great! I also got over my fear of ladders after falling of a one foot stepping stool and breaking my foot a couple years ago. We’ve had a great evening of square dancing, which has made me very tired! It’s been a great day, but I am now ready to crash on my air mattress!

Chloe Bultemeyer-
Today was my second day on my first official mission trip and it was well… interesting. It started out great when I woke up to the smell of waffles. But the best part of the beginning of the day was when I talked to Ida, the person’s house we are working on. When chatting with her, I found out that there use to be a house where her house is now and her and her husband, Willy, got married at that spot! I think that’s so cool. Surprisingly, I offered to go with 5 guys to the lumber yard to get some wood and I didn’t get a splinter when I picked up a long piece of wood. The 5 guys I went with were pretty awesome. When we got to Ida’s house, I went to working on her sister’s house who lives next to her. A little into working Ida calls into eat and it was some of the best home made food… no offense to my mom and dad. After s we were working it started to down pour but I was a trooper and kept working on a ladder. This evening after a dinner of TACOS and showing, we went to a bluegrass concert. And I actually enjoyed it! I had so much fun! My new friend Haley is from Wisconsin and she is great and being in West Virginia is awesome as well as BEAUTIFUL. However, I have started talking in a mix of a country and Wisconsin accent… Dancing has worn me out so I am heading off for bed but I want to thank everyone for praying for us because it is great to know we have people at home supporting us. See everyone one Saturday.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support, we'll have more updates tomorrow!



Liz Eastes said...

clearly, God is working through you all! As much as you are giving, it is clear that you are receiving...and then some! It's wednesday already...keep up the great work and attitude. I'm looking forward to hearing the WV accent from y'all upon your return:)

liz simmonds said...

:) you know it's a good day when it starts with waffles. great quote!

love hearing about your work. thankful for your servant's hearts!

i LOVE you guys!