Sunday, July 18, 2010

West Virginia: Day 1

We have made it safely to our new home for the next few days, Williamson in Mingo County West Virginia. Our hope is to have a few students let you know what we have been up to every night, so without further ado, here are some stories of the day.

Kendall Knoke-
We have only been in Williamson for a few hours, but I already have a really good feeling about this trip. The Youthworks staff is great as always, and there is a huge church group from Wisconsin here. I have been able to interact with them a lot so far, and I look forward to getting to know them more. We were able to stop at a state park on the way here because we had extra time, and it was a great time being able to do some hiking and just have a great time with each other and NATURE!

Alec Balasko-
After being in Williamson for our first day we can already tell that this is going to shape up to be a great trip. We learned that one of the novelties of this town is the people, whom we cannot wait to meet. We have a great Youthworks staff and I believe that they are going to make the trip even more fantastic. We are looking forward to getting to work with many work projects and kids clubs tomorrow as we begin our experience in Mingo county, WV.

Dan Spall-
This first day has been a promising start to our opportunity to serve. Being ahead of schedule on the way here, we were able to stop at a state park and appreciate nature in a way that we cannot fully experience in Indiana what with the great mountains. The enthusiasm and excitement for service seem to be greater than I can remember in years past. We’re all ready for this week and cannot wait for tomorrow to begin.

Thanks for your prayers and support, and we'll talk to you tomorrow!



liz simmonds said...

i LOVE you guys a bunch! praying for you as you serve. said...

What a wonderful first day...I bet the mountains are beautiful! Sounds like you are all ready to serve!