Wednesday, July 21, 2010

West Virginia: Day 4

It's the middle of the week! What some people have said is the hardest day seems to have been one of our best. We managed to get a lot of projects done, Kids Club was the calmest and most fun it's been all week, and we went to a nice small town country Baptist Church for our evening activity where we heard about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane as well as lessons about how we should be doing things for God and not for others. But to give you an idea of what we have been doing, a few students have some to share...

Kari Lorentson-
I’m on the Uplands group and today we had a super productive day. My group is painting a house and today we finished the entire first coat so tomorrow we will be able to finish any touch ups. A few of the girls on the team also had fun with the homeowner Pam by helping her wash her dog!! For the evening activity, everyone went to a church service which was awesome! Andy and Zak shared their musical talents by leading the congregation in a praise song. Afterwards, members of the church invited us downstairs for some great food and fellowship!

Dan Spall-
This week seemed to start somewhat slowly for a lot of us with respect to growing and understanding God. But in many ways this mission trip has been different from other mission trips in how we have to balance being Christians and doing service. In the past, it’s been either do work or talk with people. Now we are doing both. Today that truly clicked in many of us, and it has been incredible. We are all hoping that tomorrow will bring with it the chance to continue with this new understanding, and use it to its full potential. We’re running out of time here in West Virginia, and every second counts because every second is God’s.

Sarah Wade-
Today, my group, the Megantic Mountains, went back to Ida and Willie’s house. We are trying to stretch out our time because the people are so amazing. Ida lives right next to her sister and daughter. We have washed her house and her sister’s the past two days. Her daughter’s came today. More importantly, we spent time talking to the people. They tell us that we are such a blessing. We also experienced chocolate delight today, and it was like something I have never tasted. Our group took a picture with everyone we have helped and we went to Walmart to get the picture developed and put it in a frame. We are giving one to Ida and her sister and writing a message to them on the frame. It is honestly true that we get just as much out of this trip, if not more, than they do.

Our students (and leaders) are doing great! Thanks for all your prayers and support, we really appreciate them. We'll have more updates tomorrow. Until then.



Anonymous said...

How the stories of your courage amaze and strengthen me! Keep on changing the world - it needs it!!

I know you all will keep taking risks by opening your hearts to folks. Good luck, enjoy and I wish I was with you!!


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading about how God is working through each of you this week. What a great format for sharing your experiences!

What a blessing you are to FUMC and to the people of Mingo County. Can't wait to hear more when you get home.

Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

So nice to read your blog. So proud of all of you! You are all great kids, and leaders!


Anonymous said...

You kids are amazing! I love reading each and every story! Be safe - I can't wait to see you on Saturday!

Love and Prayers,