Friday, July 23, 2010

West Virginia: Day 5

Sorry to be brief, it has been a long day, good-byes to those we worked with, a long time in prayer and foot-washing, but a really, really good day. And here are some friends to talk about it.

Aaron Henke-
This was quite an interesting week. I finally got to do a work project for the week. My group was in charge with painting a house. I thought that my painting of the house would be the way I would show God’s love for the people of the community. It turns out we learned more about God’s love. Marvin (the home owner) told us a story in the rain after lunch about his guardian angles. He was on a trip to Florida with friends. While there he got caught in the undertow. Right when he was going to give up, two boys on surfboards came and helped to shore. When he returned to his friends, his friends did not believe anyone helped him and they could not find the two boys.
Everyday on this trip we talked about how we need to focus on God’s wants and not our wants. I really wanted to finish painting this house. Once we got the first coat on many people felt we did not need to continue working. I had seen many spots that needed retouching. I had talked to Dan Spall about what to do. He told me that I showed finish the house. That night I dreamt about painting the light blue on the house. I think God slapped me in the face about what I was supposed to accomplish for the final. We were able to finish the house and made it look really nice.

Ginny Herron-
Yo! Today was a great day. I was in the Adirondack crew, soo basically that means me and the Piedmont crew got to hang out with kids all week! Which in all honesty wore most of us if not all of us out. We also visited a nursing home twice, today being the second time.
Around 9 we left for the nursing home. Once there we all split up into pairs or groups and talked with the elderly people. Me and Allison talked with two super sweet ladies, Virginia and I think Joyce. Virginia said she didn’t feel great but she smiled at us with a big smile and made us feel right at home….. Joyce walked around with us and shared some of her past. Around 10 we all headed to the activity room and Kevin, Andy, Jordan and Paul played music! Laura and me sang. They seemed to enjoy it,as well as all the youth talking around them to them.
Then we went to kids club! The theme today was superheroes. One group acted and David and Goliath. Four square was played pretty much ALL DAY by adults and little kids alike. A water balloon fight was also part of the agenda. Kickball happened as well.
Tonight was the footwashing. Emotional and great as usual. Can’t wait to see y'all Sunday.

Alec Balasko-
I’m back again to blog about my week. This week has been very strange, very fun, and very tiring. We had drama, but we all got along…mostly. We are all at least a little bit tired from this week. The humidity and hotness of Mingo County has done a number on us.
This week I worked at 2 different worksites. For the first 2 days I was at Faye’s house helping her weed gardens, clean windows, and clear basements. When we arrived we were greeted by Faye smiling and shaking all of our hands. We immediately got down to business. We split up into 3 groups. One group went into the flowerbed to start weeding, one group started washing windows, and the other, my group, went into the basement to start clearing things out. When we entered the basement it was like we had gone back it time. We found many very cool items in her basement including an old Maytag washing machine from the 50s.
The second day we returned to Faye’s for much of the same, but this time we had a lot less work to do. We spent the majority of that day sitting. Luckily, the next day we went to a site where we actually had something to do!
On day 3 we went to Dona’s for the first time and we immediately got to scraping paint off of the front porch in order for us to paint it. On the first day we got the front deck all painted and he back deck all scraped. On the 4th day we arrived and immediately Dona wanted a picture. We all got on the newly painted deck and she took and picture then Dona ran inside to call the newspaper. We were able to finish the back porch and paint some furniture for the front porch. It was a great last day.
All in all this was an interesting but fun mission trip. We learned a lot and we are hoping to return with our lessons and apply them to our life back home.

It's been a great week. If we have internet you will hear from us tomorrow. If not, see you Saturday!


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