Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Wonder What It Sounded Like

Last Sunday we had our "Vicis Per Deus" prayer night at Drink Deep and The Refinery. It's a different night, we have stations where you can pray in different ways. One station was a compilation of Jewish prayers. You could sit and listen to the prayers being sung as they have been for thousands of years and read the translation of what they are singing.

I was thinking about that today when I was reading Luke 1. In it is Mary's song called The Magnificat, the song she sang when she learned she was pregnant with the Son of God. And it got me thinking, what did that sound like? What was the tune, the mitre, the emotion, what did it sound like?

And that lead me to thinking about the Psalms. A few of them I have heard sung, but what did they sound like thousands of years ago? Or the song of Moses or other songs in Scripture that were sung to remind the people of God's amazing feats?

I don't know, being a musician I kind of wish I could hear those sometimes.


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