Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Check It For Yourself

It sometimes amazes me how much people trust what we at churches say. Or they go the other way and just flat out don't believe us. The funny part is this blind trust or outright denial generally have no basis whatsoever.

Have you ever, after a Sunday morning, gone home and looked up what the pastor talked about in the Bible to see if what they were saying was true? Seriously, checked to make sure they said it in context? What about when the pastor says something that challenges what you believe, stretching your faith in a different direction, do you blindly believe, fight against it because it doesn't line up with what you believe, or do you actually check the Word of God to see which one is right?

I had a professor in school who had a group of students check up on him all the time. If he mentioned a piece of Scripture, they checked to make sure it was there, it said what he told them it said, and read around it to make sure it was in context. What a novel idea! And even more, he encouraged it! After all, if he was teaching something that was right, what worry would he have?

The same thing happened with the story of Jesus. The disciples went throughout Europe going to synagogues opening Scripture and explaining that Jesus was the Messiah using the Bible. As far as I've seen, very few people like those in Berea (Acts 17) actually checked to make sure what the disciples were quoting from the Bible was true (after all, this was a long time ago, Bibles weren't on every corner bookshelf, and you probably didn't carry that huge scroll to synagogue with you).

So go for it, make sure what you're being taught is true. You might be surprised...


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