Monday, December 21, 2009

Go With The Flow

Earlier I was reading some of the writings of Lao Tzu (he's the guy who started Taoism). Pretty smart guy, it's all very poetic. But here's what I was reading. He was talking about well known sayings.

And this one also, 'Rolied as a torrent.'
Why roiled as a torrent?
Because when a man is in turmoil how shall he find peace
Save by staying patient till the stream clears?

To explain it in modern day terms, think white water rafting. When you fall out of the boat you are taught not to swim, not to fight the current, not to save yourself. Those things are all dangerous. You are taught to point your toes downstream and ride the current until you get to a safe, calm place.

Tzu is saying the same thing here for life. Sometimes when things seem overwhelming we want to kick and fight it and solve our problems when really, what we should do is be patient and wait out this time of trouble, not making any rash decisions in the midst of the problem.

Smart guy. Not basis of a religion smart (legend has it he was born an old man with white hair and a white beard after being immaculately conceived, I'm not so convinced...)


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