Friday, December 18, 2009

Prayer Of Dedication

Earlier this week Lorie and I were watching the original televised opening of Disneyland. As Lorie said, "It's like we're watching someone's home movie." It was quite fun, especially seeing all the things that we would be experiencing in the world of tomorrow, otherwise known as 1986.

But there was something that struck me. At the opening were all sorts of important people, including actor Ronny Reagan, but people along with Walt like the governor of California. And all of them stood for a moment while a pastor friend of Walt's asked there to be a silent prayer to christen Disneyland (done in silence so no denomination would be biased). Then the governor came forward and asked that God's blessing and love be on this place.

It just made me think, that would never happen today. Today we would never allow that, especially in a public place and on television. But what else is now allowed on television and accepted in public places? Just the other day a kid was sent home from school for drawing a picture of Jesus...

I don't know, maybe we need more public prayers and asking God to be a part of our world, even if it is a fantasyland.


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