Friday, December 04, 2009

How Important Is Christmas?

It's something I've been thinking about today. We have four different stories of Jesus' life, all of which work together to paint a bigger picture of what His life was like and what lessons He taught.

In those four stories, only two of them mention His birth. Did the other two figure the first two got it right so why bother? The miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000 is in all four stories, and they're all pretty much identical. We read of Jesus' baptism by John four times. All four stories spend an in depth amount of time on Jesus' death and resurrection, and every single one mentions something about His life after He was raised from the dead, yet only twice is the Christmas story or the birth of Jesus told.

And there are some amazing things in there. For a couple of hundred years we have no account of an angel talking to a person, yet here it happens multiple times. Other than at the tomb or mentioning spiritual warfare this is the only instance of many angels together, and outside of heaven it's the only mention of angels singing together. Before the sun and moon stood still but never was there a star moving giving direction to travellers to find God. And let's not forget the virgin birth, that hadn't happened before or since!

Why didn't God put it in all four gospels? Why not give a little nudge to Mark and John, "Hey, just put a little something about My birth"?

Or to go deeper, does this mean Easter is twice as important as Christmas (more so if you go by actual number of words used)? What would our world look like if we put twice the effort into our Easter services as we do in our Christmas services? Spent twice as much time/money on advertising Easter as we do Christmas? Had twice the songs to sing and twice the radio stations dedicated to them 24/7 (Lorie's got one on in the other room)? Decorated our houses twice as much for twice as long to represent something so important?

Just thoughts...


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