Monday, December 28, 2009

The Gospel According To Lost?

It's a new book that's out. You can see it here:

Now, I love the show Lost. I like how it messes with my mind and makes me ask more questions than they give answers. But I am not going to buy this book.

I am tired of our "be the first" society. We know there's a buck to be made so we hurry to get things out first, not best. The show Lost, it's not done yet. 2010 is the final season. All the questions we have are culminating to the next episodes. But this person is writing a book without getting all the facts. They can't have them, the show is not done yet.

I would rather wait and make sure I have something quality. I guess that's what makes me different from a lot of society (who waits when you have credit cards?) but I would rather have something quality than quick.

And don't think I'm mad at this guy, he's only doing what everyone else is doing. Scene It Star Wars came out before the last movie was made, heck, Scene It Harry Potter after the third movie (when we knew there were seven books). The sad part is, the only reason it works, people buy it...


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