Monday, December 07, 2009

Slow People!

I mean this title two ways.

First, people, slow down! It snowed here in Indiana last night. It's awesome. everything is pretty. It's just that right amount of snow for the first snowfall, the tips of the grass are just peeking through. Everything is beautiful, except the entrance to my neighborhood.

While I was shovelling my driveway I saw three people do this. Our neighborhood is on a hill. So what people are doing to get out is they gun their car and go as fast as they can to get to the top then stop suddenly (at the stop sign). Then they gun it again, except they don't go anywhere, they simply spin their tires, creating ice!! They do that until they slide down almost two houses, where they reverse back six more to the bottom of the hill and try it again. People, stop it! You're making it harder for you and everyone else. There was a lady at my driveway when I pulled out so she went down the hill behind me. I simply went up the hill without touching the gas, using fuel injection, nice and slow. And surprise, surprise, I made it. Then I slowly went onto Cumberland Road (our major road nearby) and again, surprise, I made it.

But then, people, stop driving slow! So you try to burn rubber on the snow covered streets, but you go 10 miles an hour on the roads that are paved? As a famous rapper once said, "Move! Get out da way!"

Driving in snow is simple, trust the Canadian who got his learners permit in November. Go slow when there is snow. When it's plowed, drive almost normal (I don't say normal because here in Indiana it's like everyone is a part of the 500...).

But all in all, I enjoy the snow!! I'm happy my wife is happy (she's been wanting snow for so long, part of decorating the house early for Christmas).


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